W h y   c h o o s e   a   H a t i h e r i   h e a d s c a r f ?

Wearing a scarf on a bald head is totally different from wearing one on top of hair.  Without hair, you lack bulk and something to grip or clip on to. You feel exposed at the back of your heads and at the sides, where hair would usually poke through.

Sure, a beanie is great for mooching around the house or going outside if it's genuinely cold. But a beanie is usually an 'outdoor' hat and isn't suitable for indoor use, especially for work or (semi-)formal occasions. The same goes for a cap or hat - great for outdoors in the sun but wearing a sunhat or cap inside feels impolite or just too casual. The little peaked caps are good, but the gap in the back of a cap (where it's adjusted) exposes a little too much baldness!

Quality Fabric

All scarves are made of 100% cotton, a natural fibre which breathes and feels lovely next to the skin. They are all double-sided and this thickness gives necessary bulk. Winter scarves feature brushed flannelette scarves for warmth.

Colour, Pattern and Texture

Each scarf has one plain side and one elegantly patterned or subtly textured side. The neutral colours match existing wardrobe and are perfect for a chic-corporate look.


Scarves have a secure feel and comfortable fit. You can make them as tight or as loose as you wish. They are easy to wash and easy to wear.

Thoughtful Design

The unique D-shape has been purpose designed for maximum coverage and no unwanted exposure. The long ties are easy to manage and it is evident that the designer has had first-hand experience of baldness.


Scarves are double sided and reversible. Four styles can be created from one scarf. They can be worn under a sun-hat or over a beanie or skull-cap.


All items sold through this site are carefully gift-wrapped.

This picture montage shows how to tie, wear and store your Hatiheri headscarf