Hatiheri's Really Useful Stuff

Here are some really practical documents for you to view, download, copy, and edit, and / or print for your own use.

Feeding Chart
This was to assist my helpers a) to remind them to feed me, b) so they knew if they had feed me and when, and c) for ideas about suitable food items. Unfortunately by Cycle 5 I couldn't even eat pear or baked beans with tomato sauce (too acidic) or the crumpet (too sharp and crunchy).

Drugs chart
Same idea as the feeding chart. We just ticked off when each had been consumed to keep track. There were instances when I took double the amount or none as I just couldn't remember what I had taken and when. It was different for almost every one of the six cycles, so I made a chart for each cycle a few days before that cycle started. Chemo 'infusions' were on a Friday.